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Download the free video reviews app today! Harness the power of #videoreviews


Testimonial Builder puts the SEO power of video reviews in your hands. Here’s how it works.

When choosing a business, one of the most important factors is reputation. 78% of people say they trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations from family or friends. Testimonial Builder is the free video reviews app that showcases your customers at their happiest moment.

See how Testimonial Builder works.

Video Testimonials are the best way to improve your business’s image. There is nothing more powerful than a real testimonial from a happy customer. Through social media you can gain exposure to potential customers, but most importantly you are creating personal references from people who have done business with you and are willing to vouch for you. There is nothing more impactful than that.

How can the Testimonial Builder video reviews app expand your business? Request a Demo.

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Free Video
Reviews App

Capture video testimonials from happy customers. Seamlessly integrate the testimonials into your digital marketing and website to build online exposure and increase sales. Share their positive experiences with our free app available for iPhone and Android.

  • testimonial builder online video reviews

Video Testimonials

Your business qualifies for a free listing on our nationwide directory sites.  Each listing will be optimized by the number of video testimonials. Companies with positive testimonials will get maximum exposure in the directory and reach local customers.

  • testimonial builder online video reviews

Video Testimonials
For SEO and Social

Turn your satisfied customers into your best spokespeople on industry-specific directory sites. Stand out from your competition. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth?

  • testimonial builder online video reviews


Current customers directly tell prospective customers why they chose your business. Video testimonials improve SEO ranking, social sharing, and gain more brand awareness.

Don't just tell your customers why they should choose you, show them. Improve your reputation and earn new business in 4 easy steps:

•  Shoot Your Testimonial: Use your smartphone or other handy device to capture your customer's happy experience.
•  Share on Custom YouTube Channel: Add your testimonial on a YouTube channel, built just for you.
•  Share on Personal Social Media: The more you share, the more you win!
•  Build Your Brand: Use your video testimonial to extend your business.
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