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How does Testimonial Builder help your business in so many ways? Here’s a step by step:

  • Use the Testimonial Builder app on your smartphone or tablet to capture the testimonial from your customer right at the time of delivery, when they’re at their happiest. Video of a happy customer is much more powerful than a written review.
  • Follow your customized script on the built-in teleprompter to open and close the video. This incorporates the keywords that are most important for your SEO.
  • When done, get the customer’s permission to share the video. They sign the release form with their finger, right within the app.
  • From within the app, upload the video to your custom YouTube channel. Remember those keywords? Google’s voice recognition scans the audio now, capturing those terms to boost your SEO.
  • Email the video to your customer and ask them to share on their social media channels. The average Facebook user has 350 friends … that’s 350 potential new customers for you.
  • Share the video on your own social media profiles and add it to your website as well. A page filled with videos of happy customers makes a great impression on a prospect.
  • Repeat the process with your next happy customer, and the one after that … and watch your online reputation and SEO standing grow.

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