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Auto Repair (#videoreviews)

60% of consumers agree, they do not have an auto repair shop that they trust. Nothing builds trust more than word of mouth. With our Testimonial Program you can harness the power of Satisfied customers with video testimonial reviews.

Download our free app and begin creating, syndicating and integrating videos of your happy customers. Beyond hearing their joy, once these videos are uploaded to YouTube they increase your search results. Google, the owner of YouTube, uses voice recognition. Our app, teleprompter included, helps you say the right keywords to connect the video and your company. And there is still more! With ease, you and your customer can share the video across social platforms. Your friends, their friends, friends of friends, will all see how satisfied people are with your Auto Repair service.

Features Available to you with our program:

  • Unlimited Video uploads
  • iPhone App
  • Scripts to get the Testimonial Just right
  • YouTube Channel
  • Inclusion in our consumer driven directories
  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Website

Let’s get started and harness the power of video testimonials.

Download the free app today!


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