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YouTube Works For You

YouTube isn’t just for cats anymore! Now it is the way to show the world how good you are at what you do. Got a side-business? Sell on Etsy? Freelance? Whatever it is, Testimonial Builder can help you get found, be trusted, and grow your business.



Google uses voice recognition software which allows YouTube to help you get found on the internet. With the Testimonial Builder program you can video record the testimonial of your satisfied customer or client, publish it to YouTube and syndicate it across social media.

The best time to get a video testimonial from a client or customer is at point of sale. It is much easier to get an excited and happy review from a client immediately than trying to do so in a follow-up. People trust video reviews, they can see the expressions and hear the happiness in the customer right there on the screen. Using the right keywords, these video testimonials will increase the ranking of your web asset. With the Testimonial Builder app and program they can also be shared across your social networks and those of your clients and their friends and their friends and their friends. This is some of the best marketing you can ever do.

The next viral video can easily be your happy customer. Our program has available:

  • iPhone App
  • In-app teleprompter
  • Consent Forms
  • YouTube Channel
  • Inclusion in our Directories
  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Website

Unlock your potential and let the world know how good you are. Your current client is the doorway to your next several.

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