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The Power of Small Business Reviews

Video testimonials are the most engaging way to build your small business and improve your online reputation.  Improve your SEO and rank higher on Google with positive video testimonials.

small business reviews

Getting a video testimonial on the spot is more effective than following up and asking for a review after the customer has already left your business. The process is simple to gain from small business reviews, ask the customer for the testimonial, share the testimonial to YouTube, share the testimonial with your customer, and they share it with their social networks.

Our program provides you with the tools to get found and get trusted. Our app provides you a teleprompter, consent forms, keyword features, and more. Easily create, syndicate and integrate the video of your happy customer and let it go viral among your friends and theirs. Your current customer is your best way to your next customer. Harness the power of small business reviews.

The tiered system of our program puts all your needs within reach. Available features include:

  • Unlimited Videos per month
  • Automated Testimonial Program
  • Youtube Channel
  • Inclusion in our directory
  • Analytics
  • Facebook Promotion

Let’s get started. Download the free app today!

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