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Testimonial Reviews


Testimonial Builder enables you to record video testimonial reviews at time of delivery, while customers are excited, and then promote the video testimonial reviews online automatically. Using this review building service will also improve your online reputation (90% of consumers are influenced by online reviews).

testimonial reviewsThe Testimonial Builder app makes creating, syndicating and integrating video testimonial reviews easier than ever. The app includes all the features you will need to rank higher in Google searches. Additionally, it’s easy to share videos with the friends, and friends of friends, of the happy customer, the salesperson, and dealership.

Getting video testimonial reviews on the spot, at the time of delivery, is more effective than following up and asking for reviews after customers have already left the dealership. Capture the excitement of buying a new car, and share it with a trusted, local audience. Let future customers know how happy your current customers are.

Once the video is uploaded, you can showcase your video testimonial reviews on your social channels and website. Include links to the testimonial reviews in all of your email and online marketing campaigns. Testimonial Builder makes the happy customer your new spokesperson.

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Our product offers:

  • Automated Testimonial Optimization
  • Custom YouTube Channel
  • Consent Form Storage
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Email Database Development

In addition to the free app which includes scripts, keyword tagging, consent forms and more at your fingertips, our program offers several tiers of upgraded service. Supercharge the power of video testimonial reviews with unlimited uploads, multiple users, custom domain and testimonial website, and Facebook promotion. Turn the time of delivery into the beginning of your next sale. Let’s get started.

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