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The Testimonial Builder Industry Directories provide consumers with an easy way to find a trustworthy service provider. You can click on any of the directory titles below to visit the actual directory and start your search. Businesses with the most video testimonials will be the ones that are most prominently displayed.

Video testimonials are one of the most valuable tools to build your business. Your business should be investing in video testimonials because of the emotional connection and the trust they create.


Automotive Testimonials

Buying a new or pre-owned vehicle should not be stressful. This national directory of over 16,000 new car dealers and 67,696 pre-owned car dealers helps consumers like you make the best choice when adding a new vehicle to your family.

Choosing the right dealership sets the tone for your whole purchase experience, so browse our directory before visiting your local dealership. Check out authentic referrals from satisfied local customers and navigate the car-buying process with confidence.

Auto Repair Testimonials

Today over 60% of consumers agree, they do not have an auto repair shop that they trust.  With over 300,000 automotive repair shops, collision repair, glass repair, heavy truck repair, and parts stores listed, you are sure to find a shop that you can count on.  The best way to select a trustworthy business is to hear about the experience of others.  You can narrow your search by auto repair, collision, glass and heavy truck.

Use this directory with a referral based means of finding a quality mechanic or automotive repair professional in your area.  Check out customer reviews, get your vehicle serviced, and get back on the road.

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Dentist Testimonials

Your smile is your first impression, do not take dental work lightly.   Use this directory to browse top-rated dentists in your area and listen to satisfied patients share their experiences.

There are over 298,487 dental practices listed on our directory, one of the largest and most comprehensive directories in the country.  Prospective patients can search by location to find the best dentist to fit their needs.

Health and Fitness Testimonials

Before you commit to an annual gym membership or block of training sessions, check out our comprehensive directory of Health & Fitness Professionals in your area.

Whether you are seeking group exercise classes, one-on-one personal training, a sports gym, or a full-service health club, review this testimonial directory to help make your choice.

The Health & Fitness directory has over 50,000 listings to help you find the fitness program for you.


Hospitality Testimonials

Authentic travel experiences, candid restaurant reviews, and personal experience recommendations are available now on our hospitality testimonial directory.  Before you embark on your next adventure (near or far), check out these video reviews.

This site has over 800,000 listings consisting of 664,647 Restaurants, 89,033 Hotels, 22,078 coffee shops and 45,743 Bars. The directory has real-time updates to keep up with the ever-changing industry.

Insurance Testimonials

Finding the right insurance carrier is crucial for peace of mind, safety, and financial well-being.  This Insurance Agent directory site has over 300,000 insurance agents and carriers.

Take it from a satisfied client who has been in your shoes.  Find someone you can trust to protect your family and your assets.


Medical Testimonials

Our medical directory is the largest in the country with over 1.6 million doctors and hospitals listed.  Before you choose a healthcare provider based on geographical convenience, get a review from a satisfied patient.  This healthcare directory is the most comprehensive database for the medial industry with 1,131,789 physicians and surgeons, 108,025 specialty practices, 124,917 hospitals and urgent care centers, 70,759 mental health practitioners, 84,449 long term care facilities, 71,223 chiropractors, 49,651 optometrists.

Browse real patient reviews, locate nearby healthcare facilities, and sort by practice type.  Find someone you can rely on for your most important medical needs.

Professional Testimonials

With over 700,000 professionals listed you are sure to find an attorney, an accountant, or a business consultant to fit your needs.  Get professional referrals from local satisfied customers before you make any business commitments.  Our professional directory includes listings for 524,885 attorneys, 135,788 accountants, and over 50,000 consultants.

Establish positive relationships that benefit your professional needs.

Retail Testimonials

Make purchases with ease when you preview local retailers based on customer testimonials.  Browse before you buy, and see what satisfied customers are saying.
View Video Testimonials about local businesses.

Service Testimonials

This directory is dedicated to helping match quality service providers with over 550,000 listings to fit your needs.

You can find a service provider you can trust from our list of 77,441 electricians, 77,369 plumbers, 51,267 AC contractors, 45,861 roofers, 49,963 painters, 21,278 general contractors, and 220,058 other specialties.

The best way to find a service provider you can trust is to watch a video testimonial from a satisfied customer, there is nothing more authentic.

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