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As a business, there is nothing more important than your reputation. You do everything possible to provide exceptional service, how do you share that with prospective customers?

Testimonial Builder is the solution to help you share the results of that hard work with potential clients or customers. The single best way to improve your online reputation and your image is to use testimonials from happy customers. Your best spokesperson is a satisfied customer.

By taking video testimonials at the time of sale or service, you capture the moment when they are the happiest. In some cases, the happy customer will share the experience with their friends on Facebook. Social media sharing is one of the most powerful ways to represent your business. There is nothing more impactful to a prospect than a testimonial from someone they know and trust.

  •   In 2006 Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 Billion.
  •   YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine (behind only Google).
  •   YouTube is one of the most beneficial marketing tools available today and TB helps you leverage this to generate massive exposure.
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