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How To Make Video Reviews Part Of The Selling Process

How to Make Video Reviews Part of the Selling Process

Getting your staff to film video reviews.

Everyone has their own selling process - I get it.  I spoke with a used car salesman recently that said any day he ate a BLT for breakfast he sold a car.  While I don’t know how that impacted his LDL score, it was a part of his sales process and it worked for him.  So once you download the Testimonial Builder App how do you get your staff on board with filming video reviews?  You make it a part of the selling process. Once you sell a car there is a lot of dead time between the handshake and handing over the keys.  Especially now that most buyers come into the dealership with the VDP page printed out of the exact vehicle they want.  Even when they arrive with pre-approved loans, we all know the financing department takes their time.  This is the perfect opportunity to squeeze in a video review. Example Lead-Ins:
  • Have you had a chance to let your friends know about your new vehicle purchase?
  • Could you do me a favor, and share your experience about this great deal?
  • We have a new program to film and share video reviews, would you like to participate?
You are never going to get more than a few one-time users if you do not integrate video reviews into your selling process.  Bonus programs and contests are great to build buzz, but if you truly want to get the most SEO benefit out of video reviews you need to consistently and correctly use the Testimonial Builder App. The easy-to-follow script contains the keywords your salespeople need to say to register with Google’s voice recognition technology.  The shareable link created by your video is crucial to its organic success.  The average Facebook user has about 350 friends.  Immediately sharing the video review with your customer gives them a chance to share their experience with a trusted, local audience while they are waiting for financing. You are not going to get long-term use out of any marketing program if you do not work it into your team’s selling process.  Just like eating a BLT or a signature close, integrating video reviews into the selling process will boost your team’s confidence in themselves and your product.  
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