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What Makes A Video Shareable?

What makes a video shareable?

US adults spend 5.5 hours with video content each day.  Digital video is driving this increase.  Last time you were online how many videos did you watch?  The digital video spectrum is more saturated than ever, how do you make your videos stand out?  According to ClickZ, the three most important questions to ask before publishing content are:

Is it shareable?

Is it integral to the brand?

Is it relevant to the audience?

Video testimonials are the most authentic content that your business can produce, and they answer these three important questions.

Video Testimonials are Shareable

Shares are more important than views because they are the one thing that cannot be bought.  Every time a viewer chooses to share a video, your message reaches a trusted, authentic audience.  The average Facebook user has 350 Friends.  A video share on Facebook connects your brand with this local audience, this is exposure you cannot buy.  Every share is an endorsement for your product.

Video Testimonials Represent Your Brand

A video testimonial turns your happy customers into your best spokespeople.  Consumers trust reviews more than brand-generated content.  In fact, 97% of internet users don’t completely trust advertising and 61% of viewers say that being forced to watch (pre-roll) ads puts them off the brand (Unruly).  A video testimonial is an organic form of content advertising that consumers relate to.

Video Testimonials are Relevant to the Audience

Why do people share video content?  Clickz narrowed the reasons people share down to a short list.  Viewers might share a video with friends because:
  • of a shared passion
  • it is useful to them
  • they are catching up later and want to talk about it in real life
  • it’s a good cause
  • it’s trending on something famous like the Olympics or a movie release
  • it’s a conversation starter
  • self expression (it says something about themselves)
  • opinion seeking
  • reaction seeking
  • attention seeking
Whatever their reason for sharing, the video content is relevant to their audience.   You can’t predict what is going to go viral.  You can gear your content so that it will be shareable.  If you want to start creating shareable video testimonials download the free app.
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